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Mental Health Champions are trained UQ students and staff members who can provide support and referral information about mental health and wellbeing. 

Mental Health Champions lead the creation of a culture that promotes and encourages a respectful, destigmatising and supportive approach to the proactive management of mental health and wellbeing. They are staff and students who have:

  • an interest in promoting early identification, referral and help-seeking behaviour for mental health concerns
  • a commitment to increasing awareness of UQ and external mental health services 
  • a desire to get involved with mental health and wellbeing events and initiatives 
  • the ability to listen with sensitivity and without judgement. 

You can ask Mental Health Champions about:

  • support services provided by UQ and external organisations
  • events and initiatives
  • ways to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Champions will:

  • keep up to date with UQ and external mental health support services
  • refer staff and students to mental health support services as needed
  • be discreet and respect the privacy of people seeking support and information
  • maintain a commitment to understanding and promoting mental health and wellbeing
  • update the University about potential barriers or ways to benefit mental health and wellbeing
  • participate in regular Community of Practice sessions for networking and training
  • raise awareness on campus about initiatives, events, services and ways to promote mental health
  • act as a role model by encouraging a culture that respects diversity, values inclusiveness and reduces stigma and discrimination.

Mental Health Champions will not:

  • act as a counsellor or emergency service
  • engage in advocacy on behalf of an individual
  • undertake mediation or investigation.

Students can count participation as a Mental Health Champion towards the UQ Employability Award as either a volunteering or supplementary activity. 

Please note that the recruitment of new mental health champions is currently on hold, as we try to navigate through the impacts of COVID-19. We know that so many of you are keen to support our community during these challenging times, and for that, we thank you. For students who would like to be involved in more community activities, we would strongly encourage you to register and engage with UQ Volunteers.

Before you apply

To be eligible to become a Mental Health Champion, you need to:

You must also attend a one hour Mental Health Champions Network introductory session (login required).

If you're a staff member, you should speak to your supervisor or manager before applying. This is a voluntary role that's performed in addition to your normal duties.

Apply to become a Mental Health Champion

If you meet the eligiblity criteria, email the Mental Health Champion Network coordination team at to apply. Include the following information in your email:

  • whether you are a student or staff member
  • your area of study or work
  • primary campus
  • phone number
  • the date you completed the Mental Health Champions Network introductory session
  • a copy of your mental health first aid training certificate (or mental health practice certification documents).

Once you've been accepted into the Mental Health Champions Network, your name, campus and email address will be added to the list of Mental Health Champions. 

If you have any questions about the Mental Health Champions Network, or how to apply, email

Mental health first aid training

Free mental health first aid training is available at all UQ campuses for staff and students interested in becoming a Mental Health Champion.


Staff must attend a 2-day in-person workshop over consecutive or non-consecutive days. For more information, including available dates and times: 

Register for staff MHFA training


Students can choose from the following training options:

  • attend a 2-day in-person workshop over consecutive or non-consecutive days
  • complete eLearning training online and attend a half-day workshop in person. 

For more information, including available dates and times:  

Register for student MHFA training (login required)

Mental Health Champions are 'mental health first aid' trained UQ students and staff members who can provide confidential, non-discriminatory support and referral information about mental health and wellbeing. 

Search our network of Champions to find a contact that can answer your questions:


St Lucia campus

Aileen Alexander
Student Services

Larry Auld profile picture

Larry Auld
Library & IT

I work in IT in the Library, and I have experience in supporting mental health as a unionist (former delegate), with friends and family, and particularly in the LGBTQ+ community (of which I'm a part). I have a lived experience of mental health issues, and want to help if I can.

Sue Basu profile picture

Sue Basu
Student Affairs

I am the Customer Interface and Communications Manager in Student Affairs. My experiences have given me an insight and I would like to break down the stigma associated with mental health issues. I value the opportunity to provide support and information and promote awareness and empowerment.

Carrie Beddis

Belinda Bern profile picture

Belinda Bern
Graduate School

I’m the Director of the Graduate School, leading a team who supports research training at UQ. I work with HDR students and staff across all UQ campuses.

Stefenni Bourne profile picture

Stefenni Bourne
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

I am a First Nations Woman from North Queensland, and I am fascinated by Psychology. I love learning about mental health and would like to provide support where I can.  

Emily Burrows profile picture

Emily Burrows
UQ Sport

I work in the Elite Athlete Program, supporting eligible elite athletes as they manage their studies and high level sport. I have a background in Psychology and Counselling. I believe the MHC Network is a great initiative that helps demonstrate the therapeutic role of connectedness. As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a UQ Ally.

Jo Cherriman profile picture

Jo Cherriman

I work in the Advancement Team for the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and IT. I’m an advocate for supporting mental health and wellbeing. I have seen the benefits that bringing community together can bring and want to play a part in supporting those who are having difficulties with their mental health.

Becky Cole profile picture

Becky Cole
Student Services

I’m a Volunteer Coordinator for Student Services. As someone who has a lived experience of anxiety and depression, you can count on me for an empathetic ear and a space where you can just “be”. I value honesty and being true to yourself in spite of what life throws at you.

Tess Dobinson
Graduate School


Kelly Edwards
Student Services

Katie Farley
School of Business

I work in the Business School as the School Manager and am interested in supporting our UQ community to be healthy, safe and well.

Andrew Gardner profile picture

Andrew Gardner
School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

I’m a mental health nurse, educator and researcher with the school of Nursing Midwifery and Social Work. I have been working in the area of mental health for many years specialising in child and adolescent mental health, acute care and community mental health programs.

Melina Gautschi
Human Resource Advisor, HR Professional Services, Institutes

Jackie Gonzalez profile picture

Jackie Gonzalez
UQ Union

I work at UQ Union Student Advocacy and Support, advocating for students in all dealings with the University and providing student support in welfare and employment matters. After seeing the effects mental health issues can have on students and their studies, I was keen to become a Mental Health Champion.

Julita Greda-Tomaszewska profile picture

Julita Greda-Tomaszewska

I would like all students and staff to feel like they are a part of an inclusive community that cares, supports and relies on each other. I actively promote wellness programs, mental health and wellbeing activities in my unit and work to create a safe space where people feel supported.

Morgan Hodgson profile picture

Morgan Hodgson
Student Services

I’m studying Psychology and I work at Student Services. I joined the MHC Network to help ensure staff and students with mental health issues have a contact they can speak to confidentially and receive referral information to assist with their recovery.

Ashleigh Huddy profile picture

Ashleigh Huddy
Student Affairs

I work as a Student Experience Coordinator within Student Affairs at UQ. My role focuses on providing opportunities to enhance a student’s experience at university, and providing mental health education awareness and support is an important part in my responsibilities. 

Nancy Lachner

Helen Lambe profile picture

Helen Lambe
School of Business

My role at UQ is the Executive Coordinator to the Dean and Head of School of the Business. I’ve always valued helping people who find themselves in difficult situations, which is why I’m a UQ Mental Health Champion.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a UQ Ally and Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer

Fanny Lombard profile picture

Fanny Lombard

I’m the Floor Manager at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. I have always had a keen interest in psychology and mental wellbeing. With a history of mental illness in my family, mental health is an issue very close to my heart. This is why I’m a Mental Health Champion.

Selina Lucy profile picture


Selina Lucy
Student Services

I work have worked closely with international students and in student wellbeing throughout my career. I am multicultural and consider myself a ‘third culture kid’ who loves understanding people with different and shared experiences to mine. 

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a UQ Ally and a member of the First Responder Network.

Diana McCluskey profile picture

Diana McCluskey
School of Policital Science and International Studies

As a Manager in the Graduate Centre in the School Of Political Science and International Studies, I work with our wonderful postgraduate students. I assist them in finding the support they need from the fabulous student support team.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I’m part of the UQ First Responder network.

Amelia Moyes

Ime Orchard profile picture

Ime (Mey) Orchard
Student Services

I’m a Mentoring Coordinator at Student Services. My experience has given me insight into mental health problems facing students. I value the opportunity to provide support and understand the positive impact it can have, which is why I’m a Mental Health Champion.

Lucia Palacios profile picture

Lucia Palacios
Student Centre

I'm a casual staff member at the Student Centre, helping staff and students with any difficulties that they experience at UQ. Through my roles I have gained empathy for people who struggle with mental health, and I hope to provide support and awareness.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a UQ Ally.

Adrienne Parker profile picture

Adrienne Parker
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

I’m originally from America but have lived in Australia for over a decade. I’m currently studying nursing at UQ. I have previously studied linguistics, agroecology, and French. My interests include dance of a variety of styles, cooking, baking and wellbeing.

Chloe-Rose Quinn

Emma Rowlings-Jensen profile picture

Emma Rowlings-Jensen

As a Program Engagement Officer at ICTE, I’m responsible for looking into strategies and initiatives that can improve international student health and wellbeing. I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion, and personal and professional development.

As well as a Mental Health Champion, I’m a Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer.

Uzma Saeed
Student Employability Centre

I work as a Student Financial Support Officer at the Student Employability Centre, and am happy to help promote mental health support and awareness.

Lynda Shevellar profile picture

Lynda Shevellar

I’m a lecturer and community mental health researcher in the School of Social Science. I have a strong interest in the wellbeing of students and staff at UQ, and the broader community. I’m keen to assist people in connecting to the support they need.

As well as a Mental Health Champion, I’m a UQ Ally, First Responder, Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer, and Equity and Diversity Support Officer.

Ingrid Smith profile picture

Ingrid Smith
Student Services

I work for Student Services as a Learning Adviser. I believe all people, especially our wonderful students, should be acknowledged, supported and heard. I’d like to help bring students and staff together to reduce isolation and the impact of mental health concerns.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer, Lifeline Volunteer Crisis Supporter and Student Counsellor in the Drug ARM Family Support Program.

Jackie Fuller

I work as an Employability Project Officer in the HASS Student Futures Team. My role focuses on providing students with opportunities to connect with others both professionally and socially to build their self and career confidence. I would like all students to feel part of a safe and inclusive community.

Clare Tarlington
Student Services

My role at UQ is Service Support Coordinator in the Student Services. Outside of work, my husband and I have two teenage children and two beautiful puppies. I’ve always had a keen interest in mental health and completed my Bachelor of Science (Psychology).

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a UQ Ally and UQPN.

Navvii Tharmalingam profile picture

Navvii Tharmalingam
Business School Executive Education

My Psychology background, personal and professional experience have built my passion for supporting others. As a former international student, I understand the many challenges international students face. I am actively engaged in the BEL Mental Health and Wellness Working Group, and hope to support those in need to my utmost ability.

Kate Tucker
School of Psychology

Niru Tyagi profile picture

Niru Tyagi
Workplace Health and Safety

I work as a Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. It’s important that those who are having difficulties receive early intervention and support. In this, I want to support the UQ community.

Vinu Verghis

Tori Wallace profile picture

Tori Wallace

I work in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Administration Team. As a dual Canadian/Australian citizen, I connect with immigrant families and the difficulties of settling into a new culture and life. I hope to pass on the help that was given to me when I needed it most.

Kristian Wheelehen profile picture

Kristian Wheelehen
UQ Union

I work as a Welfare & Wellbeing and Employment Advocate at UQ Union. I believe it’s important to break down the stigma and myths associated with mental health issues, while promoting knowledge, empowerment and support for those that may be struggling.

Joanna Willimott profile picture

Joanna Willimott

I currently work as a Financial Services Coordinator for the Faculty of Medicine Professional Service team. I am passionate about helping others and am particularly empathetic with others who are going through difficult times or are in distress.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a qualified Standard Mental Health First Aider.

Heather Steward profile picture

Heather Stewart

I'm a Teaching, Learning and Research Academic with HASS. I completed my Mental Health First Aid Certificate at UQ in late 2019 and am available to support students seeking guidance on where to seek mental health support.

Gatton campus

Sarah Bundy profile picture

Sarah Bundy
UQ Sport

I’m the Manager for UQ Sport. I emigrated from the UK in 2006 and understand the feelings and difficulties that international students and staff may face, including isolation, bullying and discrimination. I also have family members who have lived with mental health difficulties, which drives me to help those struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

Anne Covill
UQ VETS, School of Veterinary Science

I’m Operations Manager of the UQ VETS Hospitals. I have a passion for promoting a safe, supportive and inclusive workplace for staff and students (and ex battery hen chickens). With a history of experience with mental health issues in my family and with friends, I feel privileged to be in a position where I can guide and support someone in need.

Courtney Stewart
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

I’m the Production Animal Service nurse in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on the UQ Gatton Campus. I have a lived experience of mental health, which has given me the empathy to support others and lend a listening ear.

Debra Laws profile picture

Debra Laws
UQ Vets, Clinical Studies Centre

I have worked with students for over 28 years, and I am a mother of two children. I have seen many different levels of anxiety and stress. I am very approachable and understanding for anyone that needs support. Especially those with mental health concerns.

Scott Lennon profile picture


Scott Lennon

I am a Client Facility Manager for P&F. I believe in the power of active listening, and I think something as simple as an open, unbiased conversation can help gain a little clarity or give direction. The UQ Mental Health Champions Network can help start that conversation, and that’s something I wanted to be a part of.

Jessica Maher

Oriana Marchetti profile picture

Oriana Marchetti
Veterinary Clinic

I am a veterinarian at UQ Vets. Vet life is full of many challenges and making our mental health a priority in this exhausting and busy lifestyle is something we truly need to embrace. If you need an empathetic person to talk to about the challenges you’re facing, I am here for a chat.

Rebekah Scotney

Rohan Segal
Facilities Officer, ODGC

I’ve worked in a variety of countries, cultures and environments over many years, in many parts of the world. I have a strong interest in supporting those that identify with mental health issues, and I treat all people with dignity and respect.

Gabii Starr

Mariki Visser profile picture

Mariki Visser
UQ Veterinary Teaching Hospital

I am the General Manager of the UQ VETS Teaching Hospital. I have extensive experience in private and corporate general management with proven success in building high preforming teams, and I know that successful teams are made up of happy individuals.

Other UQ campuses and sites

Jessica Ineson profile picture

Jessica Ineson

I’m a Safety and Compliance Officer at Translational Research Institute. I am a UQ Mental Health Champion because I have experienced firsthand the challenges associated with workplace stress and postnatal depression. I want others to know that it’s ok to ask for help, and that there is someone available to listen and help them get back on their feet.

Jessica Jungmann profile picture

Jessica Jungmann
Southern Qld Rural Health Rural Health, Charleville

I’m a Dietitian by background, however currently support undergraduate allied health students whilst they undertake rural placement across South West Queensland. As a previous student who undertook a number of rural placements, I understand firsthand the anticipation and stress felt when arriving to a new community a long way from home. I am excited to be a UQ Mental Health Champion and hope to give students a friendly face and listening ear during such a transition.

Dayle Osborn profile picture

Dayle Osborn
Southern Qld Rural Health, Toowoomba

I’m working as a Clinical Educator Mental Health Nursing & Nursing with Southern Queensland Rural Health.  I work to support undergraduate students in their clinical placements. Although hailing from Brisbane I have been working in rural areas across Queensland for the last 28 years and I am passionate about rural health.

Roxana Paterson

Roxana Paterson
UQ Colleges – Grace College

I’m the Deputy Principal of Grace College on campus. Grace is a community of female students who are often living away from home for the first time while dealing with the pressures of university. I am passionate about providing our residents with a supportive environment where they have someone to talk to about anything they need.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a UQ Ally and a member of the First Responder Network.

Flora Rolf profile picture

Flora Rolf
Southern Qld Rural Health, Charleville

I’m a Nurse Educator with SQRH in Charleville. I’m a general and mental health nurse who is passionate about supporting people experiencing mental health challenges. I take a keen interest in promoting mental wellbeing for people from all walks of life, particularly in the LGBQTI community.



Ginny Snoswell profile picture

Ginny Snoswell
Southern Qld Rural Health, Toowoomba

I’m a Physiotherapy Clinical Educator based in Toowoomba at Southern Queensland Rural Health. I am a UQ Meantl Health Champion because I understand that sometimes when things seem hard, it can take just a little time with someone walking beside you to find your way through.



St Lucia campus

Armira Azuar profile picture

Armira Azuar
PhD student in SCMB

I am a second year PhD candidate and a student representative for SCMB Research Student Advisory Group and SCMB Research Committee. I understand the difficulties, pressure and stress that come with balancing responsibilities as a student. I am interested in assisting others that may struggle with mental health and wellbeing.

Holly Bowman
Psychological Science

Nicola Bray
PhD student in Medicine

Bianca op den Brouw
PhD student in Toxinology, researching the bioactivity and evolution of viper venoms

I am currently a PhD student at UQ. I have lived in the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands, and have experience in dealing with issues surrounding substance abuse.

Mugdha Amol Chavan profile picture

Mugdha (Meera) Amol Chavan
Undergraduate, Economics and Finance

I’m an international student studying international economics and finance. Originally from Western coast of India, I’m familiar with how difficult it can be to adjust to new environment.  I’m always there to listen and be supportive.

Jolene Yuan Ru Chia profile picture

Jolene Yuan Ru Chia
Undergraduate, Psychology

I’m an international student from Singapore studying a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Honours). I believe that everyone should have access to support regarding mental health, and it’s important to me that everyone has a person they feel they can talk to.

Jia Min Chua
Occupational Therapy

Amelia Crisp profile picture

Amelia Crisp

During my time as a student, I was diagnosed with a number of health disorders. I live with an Assistance Dog and know what it is like to have an invisible disability. I am passionate about supporting people who are experiencing mental health issues.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am the Student Representative for the UQ Diversity and Inclusion Group and a Member of the UQ Abilities Collective.

Jennifer Day

Tyson Etri
Student Centre, Psychology

Mandy Gabler
Student Services, Education

Dorcas Simin Gui
Occupational Therapy

Shaun Hayes
PhD in Psychology

Emily Hielscher
PhD, Tutor for Mentors in Herston 

Chan Kwan Hoong

Kevin Huang

Angela Keech
Occupational Therapy

Kei Khalessi-Rad
Undergraduate, Psychology

I’m a psychology student who is deeply passionate about promoting mental health. Coming from a culturally diverse background (half Japanese and Persian), I believe I’m able to particularly empathise with those experiencing stigma from mental health issues due to cultural reasons.

Ryan Kidd profile picture

Ryan Kidd
PhD student

I am a UQ PhD candidate and tutor and completed my undergraduate studies at UQ. I believe all students deserve support and recognition through what can be an extraordinarily stressful and isolating experience.

Germaine Lai profile picture

Germaine Lai
Undergraduate, School of Psychology

I’m a full-time Psychological Science student at UQ and in my free time, you may find me looking for new coffee beans or having some "me-time". I enjoy a good laugh and interacting with people from all walks of life. I would also like to remind you that no matter what you are experiencing right now, you’re not alone.

Hui Ru Janne Lam
Occupational Therapy

Esther Kay Ying Lim

Jingya Liu

Jingya Liu

I am an international student at UQ.  My experiences have resulted in being a very open person towards cultural diversity and respect.  Complementing my choice of study is my passion for helping others.

Jessica Maher profile picture

Jessica Maher

I’m a third year undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science. I’m an empathetic person who loves listening to others and providing them with support during difficult times.

Mallory Mao profile picture

(Mallory) Huiying Mao
Student Services

I am a Master of Social Work Studies student currently completing my placement at UQ Student Services. I’m from China, and I would like to play a part in reaching out to the UQ Chinese student community to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. I would also like to to increase awareness of UQ and external mental health services.

Natasha Mutombe

Adrian Oliver

Taisha Paterson profile picture

Taisha Paterson
Undergraduate, Music

I'm a current UQ student studying a Bachelor of Music, majoring in classical voice. I also work with the Student Relations Network. I would love to see a more open dialogue around mental health, and am keen to ensure other students feel valued and supported. 

Eng Boon Tan profile picture

Eng Boon Tan
Undergraduate, Speech Pathology

Most people here in Australia know me by ‘Boon’. I would love to have a chat and hope that I can offer a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

Jodi Tan

Xin Hui Tan

Khushi Tanna

Ai Lin Teoh
Occupational Therapy

Eleanor Vincent profile picture


Eleanor Vincent
Undergraduate, School of Psychology 

I’m a third year undergraduate currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). I have always loved supporting people and taking the time to foster relationships and listen to individual experiences which is why I have elected to be a Mental Health Champion for UQ.

As well as being a Mental Health Champion, I am a member of the Student Advisory Group within the school of Psychology. 

Michelle Woolley

Gatton campus

Danielle Prescott
Vet Science

Herston campus

Micaela Dear
Phd in Dentistry

Melina Gautschi

Alma Viviana Silva Guerrero profile picture

Alma Viviana Silva Guerrero
PhD student, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

I’m a remote PhD candidate and Casual Academic Tutor at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. I am also a mother of a 16-month old baby.

Amelia Moyes

Chelsea Muscat profile picture

Chelsea Muscat
Postgraduate, School of Public Health

I'm a postgrad student in the School of Public Health. I'm passionate about wellbeing in my personal and professional life. I chose to become a UQ Mental Health because I love supporting others to be well, too.

Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra profile picture

Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra
PhD student, School of Dentistry

I’m a PhD student from School of Dentistry. I am accredited in the Mental Health First Aid course which I found to be interesting and has provided me with the skills to be of support to other students and raise awareness about mental health issues.

Gabbii Starr

Mikaela Ward

Other UQ campuses and sites

Micaela Dear profile picture

Micaela “Mia” Dear

I love travelling and photography, and spend all my money on one or the other. My favourite TV show is The Office (US).

Grace Fitzallen profile picture

Grace Fitzallen
PhD student in Clinical Psychology – Mater Research Institute

I am a PhD student in the field of clinical psychology and also an academic tutor in the School of Psychology. Promoting mental health is very important to me, which is why I’m a UQ Mental Health Champion.

Kireina Amira Nurulizzah profile picture

Kireina Amira Nurulizzah
Mater Research Institute

My role at UQ is a student in the School of Psychology. I've always believed that what may be considered a small problem for others can be a big problem for someone who’s experiencing it. As Ronald Reagan said, "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.

All Mental Health Champions are invited to join the Community of Practice Program. This provides you with opportunities to further develop your knowledge and skills in mental health support through monthly learning and networking sessions.

Each session will focus on building competency and confidence, with guest speakers on topics relevant to mental health. The aim is to provide a safe and supportive space to:

  • share tips and evidence-based best practice
  • lead the implementation of mental health initiatives
  • share experiences and wisdom
  • discuss information gathering and UQ trends
  • participate in skill building activities such as effective listening and role playing.

View the 2020 Community of Practice Program schedule (UQ login required) (PDF, 119.3 KB)