During 2018, we will focus on raising awareness, building capacity and promoting mental health for the UQ community against each of the six focus areas.

2. A supportive, inclusive university that promotes mental health

By including mental health in the sociocultural activities and environments of the University, UQ will promote and protect the mental health of our student community by:

  • developing incentives that champion mental health promoting practices or initiatives.
  • designing and delivering activities that support mental wellbeing by: encouraging participation and inclusiveness; promoting a supportive diverse environment; promoting a sense of connection and belonging; and supporting academic and personal achievement.
  • executing a targeted campaign that educates on the importance of sleep on mental health.
  • standardising assessment submission deadlines across the University.
  • releasing academic results in business hours to ensure support services are available.

Contact us

If you would like to provide feedback on UQ's Mental Health Strategy please email the Director of Student Services at ss@uq.edu.au