During 2018, we will focus on raising awareness, building capacity and promoting mental health for the UQ community against each of the six focus areas.

3. Mental health awareness and self-management

By improving the mental health awareness, knowledge, and skills of our community, UQ will encourage open conversations about mental health and promote self-care behaviours, including appropriate help-seeking by:

  • introducing new ways to deliver and extend mental health literacy training.
  • increasing the uptake of more advanced training such as Mental Health First Aid.
  • increasing participation in and promotion of national mental health events.
  • developing a UQ Mental Health website to collate all available mental health resources and improve visibility of available initiatives and services.
  • introducing e-health initiatives and solutions.
  • developing targeted mental health initiatives to support our diverse student population.
  • increasing supervision support to college Student Association leaders.

Contact us

If you would like to provide feedback on UQ's Mental Health Strategy please email the Director of Student Services at ss@uq.edu.au