During 2018, we will focus on raising awareness, building capacity and promoting mental health for the UQ community against each of the six focus areas.

4. University capacity for early recognition of students requiring support

By improving the skills and knowledge required to identify and respond to those students with early signs of both psychological distress and mental illness, UQ will ensure timely access to services and resources by:

  • developing and delivering guidelines and a training module to improve staff awareness and skills for identifying students with early signs of mental illness through.
  • developing a Mental Health Atlas chart to clarify the pathways for accessioning mental health support at UQ.
  • developing an early alert system to help identify students who may need support.
  • establishing robust procedures for students who are known to have a history of psychological distress or mental illness.
  • introducing an information-sharing framework to ensure concerns and information relating to welfare can be shared.

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If you would like to provide feedback on UQ's Mental Health Strategy please email the Director of Student Services at ss@uq.edu.au