Detailed information on the University's financial matters is contained in the University's Annual Reports.

Australian Business Number

The University of Queensland's Australian Business Number (ABN) is 63 942 912 684.

Key statistics

In 2018, UQ:

  • generated $1,969,354,000 total operating revenue
  • employed 6613 staff
  • educated 53,692 Australian and international students
  • awarded 7338 undergraduate degrees
  • awarded 5220 postgraduate degrees.


University income includes Government grants and assistance, student contributions through the Higher Education Contribution Scheme and Higher Education Loan Program (HECS-HELP) and FEE-HELP, investment revenue, research grants and contracts, bequests, donations and miscellaneous revenue.


Most of UQ’s expense supports teaching and research, with the remainder used to improve and maintain libraries, student services, public services, academic support services, property, facilities and administration. In 2019, the University has continued to invest significantly in major infrastructure, such as the establishment of the $125 million UQ Solar Farm at Warwick and the construction of the Sustainable Futures Building, which will provide a new home for chemical engineering and related disciplines at UQ.


UQ conducts fundraising activities directly through the Advancement Office. In 2018, UQ received $65.82 million through the generosity of alumni, community and industry partners. Funds are used for scholarships, research, equipment, library resources and UQ Link, the University's special entry program for students who have experienced educational disadvantage as a result of financial hardship.

In 2019, more than 300 UQ Link scholarships – valued at $3000 per annum for up to three years – were awarded to school leavers and gap-year students.