Children’s Hospital Foundation


The Children’s Hospital Foundation and UQ have a long history working on ground-breaking medical research to help sick and injured children.

This strong relationship has led to UQ having the largest cohort of medical students in the Queensland Children’s Hospital, allowing our students to shadow cutting edge surgery, and work alongside leading clinician researchers across the entire translational spectrum.

We are proud to have extended this relationship to be a presenting partner of the Channel Nine Telethon, raising funds to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation. These funds provide vital research, new equipment, entertainment, care and support for sick kids and their families.

Advancing research

UQ researchers are working with the Children’s Hospital Foundation on world-class research that delivers faster diagnoses, new and improved treatments and, ultimately, cures, that have the power to change lives and create better, healthier futures.

Queensland’s largest longitudinal study to improve life expectancy for kids with Cystic Fibrosis

With more than 60 babies diagnosed each year with this life limiting generic disease, The University of Queensland and the Children’s Hospital Foundation are working together to make a meaningful and enduring impact in the lives of kids living with Cystic Fibrosis.

This research aims to understand the mechanisms underlying chronic childhood lung diseases in order to improve clinical management and to delay or prevent their onset, with consequent reductions in adult lung diseases. 

Watch the video to learn more about the research.

Advanced treatment of infectious diseases

Professor Jason Roberts from The University of Queensland’s Centre for Clinical Research has been recognised as Australia’s Leading Researcher in both Critical Care and Communicable Diseases in The Australian’s 2019 Research magazine.

Professor Roberts and his team received a grant from The Children’s Hospital Foundation to establish evidence based, effective antibiotic dosing for children with severe infections, using just a drop of blood.

Watch the video to learn more about Professor Roberts’ research.

Paediatric sepsis quality improvement initiative

Sepsis is a devastating infection affecting more than 500 children every year, in which the body’s response causes shutdown of organs and, in some cases, death.

Associate Professor Luregn Schlapbach leads a team of researchers from the Paediatric Critical Care Research Group at Queensland Children’s Hospital and the Child Health Research Centre at The University of Queensland. The research team is committed to improving outcomes for children with sepsis; from improving parental awareness and sepsis recognition tools to cutting-edge genomic studies and novel clinical trials.

Watch the video to learn more about Professor Luregn Schlapbach’s research.

Student placements

UQ students have the opportunity to be involved in the telethon including volunteering in the call centre, attending the gala ball and attending the telethon concert.

UQ medicine student Jessica Hawkins volunteered in the call centre in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and featured in the Channel 9 broadcast. Jess shared her story of starting a student society for medical students and the opportunities that she has had while studying medicine at UQ.

Watch the video to hear Jessica’s story.


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