Queensland Young Achiever Awards


The Queensland Young Achiever Awards encourage, acknowledge and reward the valuable contribution of young people -- up to the age of 29 -- throughout Queensland.


The University of Queensland Create Change Award

Many young Queenslanders are passionate about creating change. The University of Queensland Create Change Award recognises young people that are driving activities, programs and initiatives that promote or create change. The Create Change Award acknowledges and celebrates the commitment young people make in achieving or participating in positive activities that empower change locally, nationally and/or internationally.


Navdeep Pasricha – 2019

Navdeep Pasricha, 22 of Carrara is seeking to improve child education in rural and regional Australia. He is the CEO of iYouthGlobal which offers iYouthon Demand, the Netflix for Teacher’s professional development. The online platform Teachflix, allows teachers even in remote areas to get the best training any time, any day. The content is provided by professional development providers and existing teachers. The organisation has trained almost 20,000 people in 10 countries.

Navdeep sits on board Queensland's second largest school, serving in an advisory team for the Department of Education. He also has a Bachelor's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Navdeep Pasricha



Kathryn Lyons

Kathryn Lyons – 2018

Kathryn Lyons, 25 of Loganholme is an award-winning innovator, mentor and advocate for everyone’s Right to Toilet with Dignity. Through her experiences of poor access design of disabled toilets, Kathryn created Accessibili-t. Accessibili-t works with governments and corporations to achieve real access, sanitation and hygiene for the disabled, complex medical conditions and frail aged when toileting. Kathryn delivers motivational talks and workshops and challenged leaders to act when speaking at the World Toilet Summit 2017.



Jarred Turner – 2017

Jarred Turner, 21 of Toowong is the President of IMPACT Social Enterprise, a youth-led organisation educating young people about social entrepreneurship. Jarred designed and launched IMPACT’s School Program into five schools and two universities. He also produced Australia’s largest youth-focused social enterprise conference in 2016. In its third year, IMPACT has turned over $70,000 in revenue allowing them to deliver educational content and immersive social enterprise experiences to over 1,100 young people and upskill 60 volunteers across three states.

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Jarred Turner



Nicholas Marchesi & Lucas Patchett

Nicholas Marchesi & Lucas Patchett – 2016

Nicholas Marchesi & Lucas Patchett, 21 of Herston co-founded Orange Sky Laundry, a mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. Nicholas and Lucas have also developed a comprehensive training program and provide ongoing support to their 300 volunteers. Orange Sky Laundry now has a fleet of seven vehicles and operates in four states. They have connected with hundreds of people experiencing homelessness and provided 70,000kgs of washing and drying to those in need.


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