The University-wide strategy will be firmly focused on our long-term objectives to:

1. Transform students into game-changing graduates who make outstanding contributions and address complex issues with a global perspective

This objective goes beyond ensuring that we develop graduates who can easily gain employment. UQ’s students are motivated and highly capable. This goal directs us to ensure we develop an educational experience that maximises our students’ personal and academic development. We will support them to become enterprising, independent thinkers with the leadership, creativity and problem-solving skills that empower them to create positive change within industry, academia, the workplace and society more generally.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Joanne Wright

The transformational power of education is one of the critical motivators for me personally. Through the emphasis on innovation, flexible teaching methods, and ensuring that our learning experience maximises student engagement and opportunities, this plan seeks to extend UQ’s positive impact on an increasingly diverse student population.

UQ graduates must be capable of critical thinking, inspirational leadership, and possess the ability to work with diverse and complex systems and sectors in the future. It is a privilege to be part of their journeys, and we are working hard to ensure that they will look back at their time with UQ as a catalyst for their later success

Professor Joanne Wright
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)


See this long-term objective in action by viewing the examples below:

UQ Idea Hub

UQ's startup preincubator offers workshops and a global network of mentors to help ambitious innovators develop ideas into viable solutions.


UQ's on-campus accelerator supports startups at UQ and across Queensland, offering incubation space and programs so fledgling companies can innovate.

Short-Term Mobility Project

Students can learn to see the world differently through a short-term global experience, with over 100 opportunities available worldwide.

2. Deliver globally significant solutions to challenges by generating new knowledge and partnered innovation

There will be a continued expectation that research will be undertaken at the highest academic standard with the highest ethical principles and UQ remains committed to both fundamental and translational research. However, there will be a particular focus on working with others – both internally through collaborations that cut across disciplinary and organisational boundaries, and externally through partnerships and networks. UQ will become a hub that brings the best expertise together to creatively solve complex problems through research and innovation. This ethos will be reflected in our approach to teaching.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Bronwyn Harch

Research is at the very heart of what we do at UQ, and that is reflected in this plan. Asking the right questions, engaging with our community, and ensuring that the value of the work we do creates impact for our local community, Australian society, and in far-reaching places around the globe. 

To achieve this, we are committed to values of creativity, independent thinking, honesty and accountability, and to the pursuit of excellence. This is reflected in our strong performance in the key international rankings and UQ continually builds on its global reputation in key areas of national and international significance.

We are proud of our entwined partnerships with government and industry, who share and amplify our successes. We use our talent and ability to solve the world’s grand-challenges, and I look forward to forging even stronger relationships in the future.

Professor Bronwyn Harch
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)


See this long-term objective in action by viewing the examples below:


Australia's leading commercialising entity specialises in commercialising UQ’s intellectual property to create worldwide impact through UQ research.

Boeing Research & Technology Australia – Brisbane Technology Centre

BR&T–Australia has moved its Brisbane-based team to UQ’s St Lucia campus, where Boeing staff can collaborate with UQ staff and students.

Global Impact

By forging strategic partnerships with global institutions, organisations and governments, UQ is finding solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time.

3. Develop a diverse community of knowledge seekers and leaders who embody a One UQ culture and use collaborative partnerships to connect and co-create

Diversity within UQ’s community ensures that different perspectives and experiences are brought together to find solutions to global challenges and provide an enriched learning experience. Through a One UQ culture we can create an environment that is inclusive and collaborative to ensure that we work together in pursuit of our strategic objectives. Universities must reflect wider society – working within and for our broader community. Through collaborative external partnerships we can create the connections and networks necessary to understand the needs of industry, government and the community and work with others to meet those needs. This applies to both our teaching and research endeavours.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) - Acting, Mr Rongyu Li

Though Queensland based, UQ is an integral part of the global community, and this plan commits to building the collaborative partnerships that are so vital to ensuring we meet the needs of this increasingly more connected community, now and into the future. By working closely with industry, research, government and other partners, we can guarantee the relevance of our work, and the value that we return to society.

Beyond this, through our Not if, when philanthropic campaign, we aim to change lives within the community and around the world by encouraging support for research, disadvantaged students, teaching and thought leadership.

I am proud of the contributions we have made through innovations such as the Gardasil cancer vaccine, but I’m even more excited about the global impact we can have in the future.

Mr Rongyu Li
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)(Acting)


See this long-term objective in action by viewing the examples below:

SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN

UQ is participating in the SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN, to improve gender equity in STEMM disciplines through rigorous evaluation and accreditation.

UQ Young Achievers Program

Through mentoring, development and financial assistance, UQ supports young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve their educational aspirations.


Aimed at Indigenous youth, this program encourages participants to pursue tertiary study through a series of camps, interactive workshops and industry visits.