Our vision

Knowledge leadership for a better world.

Our mission

Our core purpose is to deliver for the public good through excellence in education, research and engagement with our communities and partners: local, national and global.

UQ values

Our values guide our behaviour and are, therefore, the foundation of our culture.

In this Strategic Plan, we are announcing a refreshed set of UQ values that articulate what we strive for, how we work together, and – above all – our commitment to discovering and sharing truth.

What we strive for


We apply our creativity as a way of seeking progress. We value new ideas, seek fresh perspectives and pursue game-changing innovations and opportunities.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We apply the highest standards to our work to achieve the greatest impact for the benefit of communities everywhere.

Central to what we do


Truth is central to all that we do as a university. We seek truth through our focus on the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, and our deep commitment to academic freedom and freedom of expression.

How we work together


We always act with integrity. As stewards of the University’s resources and reputation, we are honest, ethical and principled.


We are courageous in our decision making. We are ambitious, bold and agile. We demonstrate moral courage, so that we are always guided by a sense of what is right.

Respect and inclusivity

We provide a caring, inclusive and empowering environment for all. We engage respectfully with one another and promote the value that our diversity brings to our whole community.