Strategic Plan 2018-2021

This plan sets the direction for UQ over the next four years as we pursue our vision of providing 'knowledge leadership for a better world'.

The 2018-2021 period will be a challenging and exciting time as the University adapts to a rapidly changing environment. This plan encapsulates a commitment to remaining comprehensive while emphasising the importance of collaboration, diversity and partnered innovation as a critical means of solving complex global challenges.

We will transform our students into game-changing graduates ensuring that they are not only prepared to succeed in their chosen pathway, but will also provide the leadership necessary to create change.

Overview of the Strategic Plan




This plan has been many months in the making, and has benefited from hundreds of people contributing to a consultation process. I thank everyone who was part of this. You have lent a broad One UQ vision to the plan.

This plan isn’t a detailed prescription, but will help anyone involved with UQ to understand our overarching goals and the strategies for achieving them. More than this, it reveals what motivates our community, and why we see it as a privilege and an immense responsibility to do what we do.

Professor Peter Høj,
President and Vice-Chancellor

Viewing One UQ through the lens of diversity and collaboration is one of the key elements of this plan that will shape a lot of what we do in the coming years. To maximise the benefits of our comprehensive nature, it’s critical that we work together, leveraging our expertise and infrastructure to have meaningful impact on the global challenges facing us all.

Beyond just a disciplinary focus, though, One UQ also encapsulates our people. They are at the core of what makes a strong, global University. The diversity of our staff and students is one of our real strengths, and this plan acknowledges and celebrates that

Professor Aidan Byrne,