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Faculties, schools, institutes and centres

Explore the organisational units that deliver our teaching and research excellence.

Through our faculties, globally recognised research institutes, and centres, we offer study and research opportunities across one of the widest discipline ranges in Australia.


Our faculties bring together teaching and research staff in schools, centres and institutes. They provide study, research and partnership opportunities in Australia and globally.


The Faculty of Science offers study, research and partnership opportunities across a broad range of science and mathematics disciplines. Its research-intensive schools and centres, and world-class scientific facilities, foster strong links between the enabling and applied sciences.

Two researchers wearing goggles and lab coats inspecting plants in jars.


Our research institutes are home to centres and research groups made up of scientists, social scientists and engineers who champion research excellence and continue UQ’s tradition of research leadership.

Man in lab coat and goggles holding vial. Two people wearing goggles in background looking at man.

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Solving serious problems in health, energy and the bioeconomy.
Scientist looking at image generated by a microscope

Institute for Molecular Biosciences

Creating a better future by making breakthrough discoveries to improve health and wellbeing.
Researchers in a field of crops

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Advancing the competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture and food systems.
Brain scans

Queensland Brain Institute

Unlocking the mysteries of the brain to generate new knowledge and develop new technologies to diagnose and treat brain disease, injury and disorder.

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Finding solutions to the complex problems facing the environment, humanity and the economy on the path to sustainability.